Study Circles

A close encounter with the word of God!

Study Circles are small, informal groups of individuals who make a commitment to take a course together. A sequence of courses is available from the Institute Committee.

Each group decides its timeframe for study as it works through the course material provided. The emphasis in these courses is working together. The best student is not the one who scores the highest on the exam - there is no exam - but the student who learns the most and helps the others to do the same. The courses are based on consultation, cooperation, and collaboration, and service - not on individual achievement and competition.

This format has been used all over the world helping people develop their spiritual natures, deepen their understanding of their relationship to God, and cultivate practical skills of service.

The Baha'i Community strongly encourages individual spiritual growth as this strengthens and promotes the well being of our families and our communities.

Do you have a group of friends you'd like to study with? Contact the Institute Committee to obtain materials to get started send us an email

First Course in the Sequence: 
Reflections on the Life of the Spirit


  • Reflecting on the Word of God
  • Prayer
  • Life And Death

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